Vin Hair Vendor – Where To Go For Premium Hair Extension Products

The proliferation of hair vendors has resulted from the rapid expansion of the global hair industry. If you are looking for a reputable hair vendor in Vietnam but are overwhelmed by the abundance of hair vendors, choose Vin Hair Vendor. Continue reading to learn more about them.

  1. Why you should choose Vin Hair Vendor

There are numerous reasons for choosing Vin Hair Vendor as your long-term supplier:

  • Vin Hair Vendor is a real hair manufacturer
    • Vin Hair Vendor is one of the largest Vietnamese hair factories with a large-scale factory based in Bac Ninh, Vietnam. As opposed to other commercial companies, Vin Hair has their own factories and employees for manufacturing hair products. 
    • They control all the processes from selecting raw materials to sending the hair to customers with carefulness to bring customers the best quality and experience.
    • Annually, Vin Hair Vendors export tons of hair to many countries around the world, the major customers are from African, European and American countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Canada, Germany and the USA, etc.
  • Vin Hair Vendor supplies premium hair: Vietnamese hair is inherently better than many other hair types around the world. Vietnamese hair is black, straight and smooth by nature. Along with that, the careful selection of raw hair materials makes the hair quality of Vin Hair Vendor superior to other suppliers. Moreover, Vin Hair also ensures that no harmful chemicals are used in the production process, ensuring safety for users.
Vin Hair Vendor supplies premium hair
Vin Hair Vendor supplies premium hair
  • Vin Hair Vendor offers the best wholesale prices compared to other hair factories due to:
    •  Vin Hair Vendor’s factory is located in the raw material-sourced materials so it can save shipping and storage costs.
    • Moreover, they are completely proactive in all stages of collection, material selection and production, without intermediaries, thus saving a lot of costs.
    • With the large-scale factory equipped with modern machinery and skilled workers, Vin Hair Vendor can maximize production capacity, save time and costs.
  • Vin Hair has great customer service and transparent customer protection policies:
    • The Sales Department of Vin Hair vendor is composed of highly-qualified, hair product-savvy, and empathetic team members. They work tirelessly around the clock to provide the best customer support.
    • Vin Hair has a transparent return and exchange policy. Once the products are found defective, customers can return and exchange the products in unused condition.
    • When clients place an order and make a deposit, they will start production so that the hair is always newest and fresh. After they finish production, customers can check your order through photos, video and video call. Only when customers are totally satisfied with the hair will customers make full payment and the hair vendor will send the hair.
  1. The most popular items of Vin Hair Vendor

Below are the best-selling products of Vin Hair Vendor:

  1. Raw hair – one of the best popular products of Vin Hair Vendor 

Raw hair is among the best-sellers of Vin Hair. They supply a massive volume of raw hair to the global market each year. 

  • Raw hair of Vin Hair Vendor retains the natural characteristics of Vietnamese hair because it has not been subjected to chemicals, heat or steam treatments. 
    • Their raw hair is naturally jet-black, straight, smooth, silky and soft so that it can be styled into any hairstyle and maintain it for an extended period of time. 
    • It is so durable that it can be dyed or bleached to any color, even the lightest tones like 613 color. 
    • The longevity of Vin hair’s raw hair is up to ten years if it is cared for properly. 
  • Raw hair from Vin Hair Vendor is so sought after in many of the world’s largest hair markets, including Africa, Europe, and the United States,… It is most popular in Europe and the United States, where hair factories with modern equipment and advanced technology can produce gorgeous and high-quality hair products from raw Vietnamese hair. 
  1. Colored hair – one of the best selling products of Vin Hair Vendor 

In addition to raw hair, coloured hair is another well-known hair product of Vin Hair on the international hair market. 

Colored hair – one of the best selling products of Vin Hair Vendor
Colored hair – one of the best selling products of Vin Hair Vendor
  • Colored hair from Vin Hair garners a great deal of interest from hair enthusiasts around the globe because: 
    • It is of superior quality. It is primarily composed of premium raw hair that has been bleached and then dyed by modern techniques and skilled workers, so that you can process it with steam and heat. 
    • Their colored hair is also popular in a variety of hues, especially vibrant hues such as color 613, and its color is uniform with no darker or lighter patches. 
  • African customers prefer hair colors such as ombre, piano, orange and chocolate, whereas blonde and other light colors are sought aftẻr in the European countries. 
  1. Hair weft – another sought-after products of Vin Hair Vendor 

Hair weft from Vin Hair Vendor is also popular on the international hair market, standing out among hair weft from other Vietnamese hair vendors. 

  • Vin Hair’s hair weft is regarded as being of the highest quality due to the fact that it is made from 100% superior raw Vietnamese hair and undergoes only the essential processes of cleaning, styling, and stitching without chemicals so that the cuticles remain intact. Additionally, because the products are processed by experienced and skilled workers, they are durable, very resilient, and the hair isn’t easily lost. 
  • Hair weft from Vin Hair is in high demand on the world market, especially African countries because processing technique in these countries is insufficient to produce such a high-quality hair weft, and their laborers are unskilled.
  1. What international customers say about Vin Hair Vendor

For its superior-quality hair products, Vin Hair Vendor has received numerous positive feedback from customers all over the world. 

Even for curly and wavy hair, Vin Hair’s hair extensions are incredibly smooth, soft and silky. Their products are extremely resilient, with no tangling or shedding.

Vin Hair Vendor has received numerous positive feedback from customers
Vin Hair Vendor has received numerous positive feedback from customers

As opposed to other hair factories, their products don’t have an unpleasant and strong odor. It demonstrates that they don’t use toxic chemicals on producing hair.

Besides the positive reviews on the quality of hair, Vin Hair Vendor also receives many compliments on their excellent services. Their sales team which work 24/7 are very supportive to customers, even the most demanding customers.

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